Upcoming Netflix Releases To Watch from Your Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

netflix luxury apartments in Tulsa


Have you been keeping up to date with all your Netflix shows? We love taking a lazy night in our luxury apartments in Tulsa now and again to curl up with some snacks and binge Netflix until it asks us if we’re still watching. If you love Netflix as much as we do, you’ll be interested to know what recent and upcoming releases you should not miss. Here are our highlights coming up in 2019.


If you know any friends or neighbors in our community of our apartments for rent in Tulsa, we encourage you to share this post with them. It’s never too early to start planning your future watch parties. Now without further ado, let’s get to these awesome Netflix releases!


Stranger Things Season 3


If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you’re missing out! This sci-fi thriller series combines everything you love about the 80s, small-town America, and nerd culture. Everyone and their brother has been talking about it since the series first aired in 2016, and there’s a good reason for that. The nostalgia factor alone is enough to keep some folks interested, but combine that with mystery, thrill, and a cast of complex and engaging characters and you’ve got something truly amazing.


Season 3 is set up to pick up on two major plot threads established in season 2: the mind flayer and Eleven’s lost sisters. Though [spoiler warning] Eleven and her friends were able to close the gate to the Upside Down at the end of last season, the mind flayer isn’t likely to take this defeat lying down. Beyond that, there are a lot of recently added characters like Eleven’s lost “sister,” Kali and brand new characters to come (other lost siblings of Eleven’s?) that promise to bring new threads with them into season 3.


Jessica Jones Season 3


One of the last remaining Marvel shows on Netflix, Jessica Jones has one more season before concluding its run on the media streaming platform. This series garnered considerable attention when it was released in 2015, dealing with issues of PTSD, substance abuse, and sexual assault, among other things. Jessica Jones, a private detective with superhuman powers, is the eponymous hero and survivor whose journey treats the viewer to an exploration of consent, agency, trauma, and predation.


It’s unclear what’s to come in season 3, but there’s a chance that the iconic villain Kilgrave may make a reappearance, and the relationship between Jessica and best friend Trish is sure to play a major role.


The Crown Season 3


Fans of historical drama have been loving The Crown since it began in 2016. There’s just something so compelling about royal drama and the trappings of British nobility that most of us will never experience ourselves. If you’re intrigued by tense negotiations of power, politics, and the personal, you’ll love The Crown.


Season 3 brings Olivia Colman into the role of Queen Elizabeth II, previously played by Claire Foy. Indeed, the show is getting an entirely new cast of actors to take over the famous personas, which will include the formidable Margaret Thatcher. This season will likely cover the years 1964-1970, so will explore the ramifications of major events like the moon landing, the decolonization of Africa and the Caribbean, and the coronation of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales.

Which upcoming Netflix show are you most excited about? Did yours make our list? Whatever you’re looking forward to most, we hope you have lots of time to relax and watch some of Netflix’s best from the comfort of our luxury apartments in Tulsa this year! If you’d like to keep hearing all our tips and recommendations, you can bookmark our blog page for easy access to all our upcoming blogs. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well so you never miss our community events, updates, and special promotions!