Top Coffee Shops near your Tulsa Apartments for Rent

The best coffee shops near your apartments for rent in Tulsa aren’t chain stores with big green signs and know-it all baristas. No, the best coffee shops in Tulsa are local, high-quality coffee shops with employees that take pride in crafting a good cup of joe.  


71 Apartments is a brand new community of apartments for Tulsa residents who demand the best and nothing less. Our community is second-to-none, and we know that’s just the way our residents like it. With that in mind, we decided to create a list of the top-tier coffee shops in Tulsa. All of the shops on this list are located near our community of Tulsa apartments for rent, and they’re among the most highly-rated local cafes on Yelp.


It’s finally fall — or at least it’s close — so we’ve got hot drinks on the brain. When the leaves begin to change, there’s truly nothing better than curling up with a warm latte and enjoying the cooler weather. Of course, fall is often a busy time of year for many of us. Some people move during this time of year, and when you pair that with school starting up again, you get some very busy schedules. With that in mind, we hope this blog helps some of you find a nearby coffee shop in which to relax.


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The Coffee House on Cherry Street


Every great independent coffee shop should have art from local artists hanging on the wall and music from local musicians playing over the speakers. That’s the atmosphere you’ll find at The Coffee House on Cherry Street, a cozy little coffee shop tha also serves gluten-free desserts. Our drink of choice? The Grizzly Bear — a sweet drink made with cayenne, cinnamon, dark chocolate, espresso and milk. When the weather gets a little chilly, go to The Coffee House on Cherry Street and order a Grizzly Bear.


Foolish Things Coffee Company


We can’t think of too many coffee shops that have a strawberry chocolate muffin on the menu. That’s just one of many “foolish things” that this Tulsa coffee house has waiting behind the counter for hungry customers. The phrase, “foolish things” may actually be referring to the interior decorating, which is eclectic to say the least. This is a wide open coffee shop, so while we wouldn’t call it “cozy” we would call it comfortable.


Topeca Coffee


At Topeca Coffee, the building itself is just as captivating as the food and drinks. This coffee shop is located inside one of Tulsa’s old high-rise buildings, and you’ll find all sorts of interesting pieces of history if you take a stroll around the establishment. As for the food, Yelp reviewers recommend the strawberry banana smoothies and the ham & cheese croissants. Sounds good to us!


Cirque Coffee


One thing all these coffee shops have in common is that they have very cool websites. Apparently the first thing you do when you start a coffee shop is make an awesome website. Cirque Coffee does a lot of things right beyond just making great websites, as evidenced by their 4.5 star rating on Yelp. If you’re going to go, try to get there on a Saturday morning when Cirque Coffee puts out their homemade croissants. You can pair one of those croissants with one of the unique Lavender Lattes that Cirque Coffee serves.

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