Tips for Remote Date Nights at Your Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

While many residents of our luxury apartments in Tulsa live with their partner or other loved ones, COVID-19 has been especially hard for many partners who don’t nest together and have had to practice physical distancing for weeks at a time. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship already or a relationship of yours has become long-distance due to physical distancing practices, there is still a lot you can do for fun date nights that bring you together and make you feel connected.

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

If you and your partner are fans of cultural experiences and learning new things together, you might be intrigued to learn that many museums have online exhibits that you can explore together from home. The Louvre, the Getty Museum, and the National Women’s History Museum are just a few of the museums with virtual exhibits available online for free. You can lazily explore these exhibits while on a call together and point out your favorites or share your musings just like you would at a real museum.

Delivery Dinner Date

If you want to keep it simple, you can order dinner from the same restaurant (or same type of restaurant) and hop on a video call with your date. Something as simple as sharing a meal together can make you feel like things are just the same as if you were together in physical space, which can be such a comfort especially for partners who are used to sharing dinners together at home or at their favorite restaurants near our apartments for rent in Tulsa.

Play a Game Together

Whether you love a good computer game or tabletop games are more your style, playing a game with your partner can bring you closer together and make you forget all about what’s keeping you apart. There are plenty of multiplayer games to choose from on platforms like Steam or your phone’s app store and there are even tabletop simulators where you can play your favorite board games virtually.

Watch a Movie Together

This date night classic is just as feasible online as it is in person. Hop on a video call, plug in some headphones, and press play at the same time on a streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu (or use a browser plugin like Netflix Party to synchronize your viewing experience for you). Share your favorite movie with your partner or take in something you’ve never seen before. Either way, you can each make some popcorn and get cozy in front of the screen together.

Have a Wine Tasting

There are a variety of delivery services you can use to order wine straight to the door of your luxury apartments in Tulsa, so why not make a list of bottles to try and each put in an order so you can explore the flavors together? Bonus points if you also order the same chocolates or cheeses to pair with the wines you explore together. This option takes a little extra planning, but it’s wonderful for partners who enjoy sharing good food and drink together.

That’s it for our remote date night ideas! We’ll have a new post coming soon, so be sure to bookmark our blog page if you’d like to see more recommendations and tips for Tulsa living. Also, did you know we have an Instagram? Follow us there, so you never miss out on our special events, promotions, and community updates! Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, and have a wonderful rest of your day at 71 Apartments!