Tips for College Students Preparing for Finals at Our Apartments for Rent in Tulsa

Are you preparing for an upcoming exam? Or do you know a college student living near our apartments for rent in Tulsa who’s about to get swamped by the end-of-semester finals season? Exams are almost never a stress-free experience, and when you’ve got multiple to prepare for at once, it can feel hard to manage your time and energy without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Luckily, we’ve got a few simple tips that make a huge difference when prepping for an exam, and we’re sharing them with you today.

Create a Study Plan

You should always have a plan before leaping into something as challenging and important as an exam. It doesn’t have to be super detailed, but making a study plan early helps you ensure you get plenty of time to study, sleep, and take breaks so that you don’t run yourself ragged or procrastinate to the extreme.

Something that can keep your study schedule on track is studying with a partner or scheduling a study group. Studying with others not only keeps you accountable, but it also enhances your ability to learn and retain information, taking advantage of others’ strengths to fill in gaps in your memory or grasp a concept that has been eluding you.

Come To Your Teachers’ Office Hours

Professors and TAs hold office hours for a reason. Use them. Come to office hours with your questions—about what’s going to be covered on the exam, about concepts you’re having trouble with, or to clarify sections of your notes that you barely remember taking because you were so sleepy that day of class. Your instructors are here to help, so even if you’ve never talked to them one on one before, do it now. It’ll almost always help.

On that note, if they hold a review session, go to it. It’s well worth your time and it will help you ensure you’re scheduling enough review time into your study schedule.

Study By Teaching

Have you ever heard that the best way to learn is to teach? One of the big benefits of studying with a partner or a group is that you can take turns explaining a concept to someone else. This method is particularly useful on exams that include proofs, short answers, or essay questions because it’s one thing to feel familiar with the concepts but it’s another thing to have to articulate your understanding clearly.

Visualize It

No matter what your learning style is, most of us benefit from creating a visual representation of our knowledge. That’s because our brains do a much better job remembering things spatially than they do remembering facts and figures. It’s also because the exercise of creating a visual diagram challenges you to think about the information in a new way and can reveal areas where you need to understand something more clearly or solidify your understanding of something by going over it in a different way. 

Get Plenty of Sleep The Night Before

Whatever you do, don’t neglect sleep. As long as you’ve been studying diligently, a good night’s sleep is always worth more than a few extra hours or cramming. And taking an exam while sleep-deprived can be as bad as taking it drunk, making it harder for your brain to create and access memories or think creatively about a challenge before you. Make sure you give yourself the best opportunity for a good night’s sleep by giving yourself time to wind down and ensuring you have a good environment to relax in—our tranquil luxury apartments in Tulsa should give you a great headstart on that front.

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