Things To Do Right After Moving Into Your New Apartment in Tulsa, OK


Here are five things for you to check off your to-do list when moving into one of our beautiful Tulsa apartments!


Organize Closets

This may seem like overkill, but you don’t want to start off your time in your new space with clutter. Whether it is your clothing storage or just general storage, be sure to keep your things contained and organized. Take advantage of shelving, storage organizers, and if you have tubs or boxes, be sure to keep them labeled!


Update Utilities and Services

Don’t wait and put yourself into panic mode when it’s time to start paying your bills. As soon as you move into your new apartment, be sure to get all of your utilities and any other services you need for your new apartment set up in your name and update your address to avoid any errors. To make things even easier on yourself, enroll in automatic online payments to ensure that your bills are paid on time each month!


Deep Clean

It might feel silly to deep clean your brand new apartment as soon as you move in, but you will thank yourself later when you decide to move furniture, decor, appliances, or any other items in your space and the areas around it aren’t built up with old dust and/or grime. Give everything a good wipe down, sweep, or vacuum to ensure that your space is at its top level of cleanliness. 


Renter’s Insurance

While we hope nothing happens in your time at our luxury apartments in Tulsa that needs to be covered by your renter’s insurance, we understand that things happen! Don’t wait until the moment something goes wrong to begin worrying about whether or not you will be taken care of by renter’s insurance. Be sure to enroll yourself into a renter’s insurance plan that will cover all of your needs!


Make a List of Emergency Contacts

As trivial as this may seem, ensuring that there is a written list of emergency contacts in your apartment in case of any emergency where you are unable to provide the information yourself is essential! Be sure to keep this list in a safe, but easily accessible location in case of whatever emergency you could face in your apartment. 


You are going to thank yourself later a million times over after following these tips for what to do after moving into your new apartment in Tulsa!

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