Places to Walk Your Dog Near Our New Apartments in Tulsa, OK

Our new apartments in Tulsa, OK come with an expansive dog park, but when you’re looking for a long walk with your favorite pup, there are plenty of great dog-walking spots nearby. Between several parks and riverside trails, there are a few scenic spots with plenty of fresh air that we recommend you explore with your beloved pets at 71 Apartments.

Do you have a friend or neighbor who could use some new dog walking spots to try? Go ahead and send this post to them too! For now, let us tell you about some of our favorite spots within minutes of our apartments for rent in Tulsa!

Turkey Mountain Park

Just across West 71st Street from our luxury apartments in Tulsa lies Turkey Mountain Park with the River Parks W Trail running through it. This hilly, forested park is excellent for extended hikes. Just make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, because the trail is natural and rugged along certain stretches. If you have a young dog with lots of energy, this is an excellent option.

Helmerich Park

Across the river lies a family-friendly park that is another great place to bring your dog. For those with kids, this is a particularly excellent option, since there is plenty of park equipment like swings and jungle gyms for kids to enjoy while your dog enjoys the grass and fresh air. This spot is also great for a more casual stroll, since the ground is flat and landscaped for easy walking.

River Parks East Trail

Running through Helmerich Park is the River Parks East Trail, which runs along the river and provides excellent riverside views. This trail provides easy walking for miles, making it a great balance between an easy stroll and a challenging hike, depending on how far you choose to walk. In fact, the trail extends all the way into downtown Tulsa, so you can easily make a day of it if you’re so inclined.

Those are our top recommendations for dog-walking spots near our luxury apartments in Tulsa! We’ll have a new post coming soon, so be sure to bookmark our blog page if you’d like to see more recommendations and tips for Tulsa living. Also, did you know we have an Instagram? Follow us there, so you never miss out on our special events, promotions, and community updates! Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, and have a wonderful rest of your day at 71 Apartments!