New Apartments in Tulsa, OK Talk Tips For Improving Your Work/Life Balance

Everyone’s got to work. But with this being the case, it’s not always easy to balance work life with personal life—for some, these realms can overlap considerably. But no matter who you are, residents of our new apartments in Tulsa, OK can benefit from a few tips to make the most of their time and ensure their lives are happy and healthy.

Know a workaholic in our community who could use these tips? Or perhaps you know someone who’s stressed out by personal obligations bleeding into their work life. Send this post to a neighbor at our apartments for rent in Tulsa once you’re done reading! For now, let’s talk about work/life balance tips.

Understand Ebbs & Flows

Firstly, it’s important to determine whether you’ve got a chronic or an acute problem on your hands. Life and work will both have regular ebbs and flows; there may be busy seasons and slow seasons, or emergencies may come up. Understand that there may be times when work and life are out of balance, but that’s okay on occasion. What’s important is that you have the balance you want on a larger scale.

Manage Your Technology

Oftentimes, we can be so connected via our phones and other devices that it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. But the good news is there are lots of ways you can manage technology to ensure healthy compartmentalization or attentiveness depending on what you need. Don’t be afraid to adjust your notifications, email forwarding, and calendar settings to help you attend to what you need to attend to. That might mean turning off mobile notifications for your work email or messaging while not at work or ensuring that important personal emails are able to reach you at work while more trivial ones are ignored.

Take Advantage of Your Paid Time Off

Most folks are much happier when they take regular vacations and stay home when sick. Ensure you’re taking advantage of all your Paid Time Off each year. If your PTO rolls over, you might be tempted to save it up to use all at once, but bear in mind that shorter, more frequent vacation time could make you even happier than a single, extended break. Assess your short-term and long-term needs and plan accordingly.

Set Boundaries and Work Hours

Work and personal life will seep into each other if you let them. Coworkers will send emails in your off-hours, or you’ll remember you needed to buy a new sweater while you’re working on something you’d rather not be doing. Setting boundaries (and communicating them to others) helps ensure you’re focusing your attention and making the most of your work and personal time by not constantly context-switching between them.

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