New Apartments in Tulsa, OK Talk Time Management Tips

With the winter holidays over and all those new years goals floating in the back of your mind, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with all your work, hobbies, and social obligations. No matter what your hobbies or your workload, residents of our new apartments in Tulsa, OK can always benefit from time management tips to promote increased productivity and reduced stress.

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Now without further ado, let’s talk time management tips.

Have a Calendar and Use It

When we say calendar, we don’t just mean a list of birthdays and holidays. We mean a centralized, master calendar marking every due date, every meeting, every lunch plan with a friend. A calendar like this is particularly handy for time management because it helps you create work-back schedules for all your bigger projects (planning out each step needed to reach the finish line) and block off time for focused work while ensuring your social life doesn’t conflict with productivity. An online calendar is best, because you can access it from anywhere and get notified on your phone when an important event is coming up so you never forget a thing.

Organize Your To-Do List Ahead of Time

Having a to-do list that you stick to is sometimes harder than it seems. You’ve no doubt had plenty of days when you had 20 things you wanted to get done and only did two of them, or you got lots of things done, but you still feel like you’re behind on the important things.

That’s why you need to be strategic about when you create to-do lists and how you organize them for maximum productivity and minimum stress. Whenever possible, make your to-do list ahead of time, not as you go—ideally the night before, right before you go to sleep. That way it’s off your mind as you’re trying to fall asleep, and you know when you get up exactly where you need to start.

Organize your to-do list with the most important task first and knock them out early. That way even if you don’t get to everything, you can feel great about your progress. It can also help to group similar tasks together so that you get that in-the-zone feeling instead of having to constantly switch modes.

Reduce Distractions & Avoid Multitasking

No one can be 100% on all the time, and taking breaks is important, but constant distractions and attempts to multitask can do more harm than good. Find an environment where you can focus—really focus—instead of being distracted with notifications, social media, or interruptions.

Try to schedule blocks of time where you focus on a single task, then schedule in short breaks every half hour or so and longer breaks every few hours. You’ll get a lot more done and you’ll get more out of your breaks because you won’t feel guilty for stealing time from your work in order to take them.

Learn To Say “No”

You can’t do everything and setting boundaries is healthy. If you’re a person who tends to find yourself stretched thin with a hundred different obligations, it might be time to strip away some of those obligations. It’s okay to say, “I don’t have time for that, I’m sorry” or “I can’t help this time, but I’d love to help next time.”

When you can’t say no, delegate the things you can, or ask for help. A friend might have the bandwidth to help you walk the dog, print flyers, or pick up some snacks for that party.

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