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To all of our Tulsa students, congrats on making it halfway through the school year! For those getting ready to graduate, we know you’re juggling a lot as you prepare for the next stage in your life. Lucky for you, Tulsa is a great place to begin your professional career!


This week, we’re taking a look at three ways to amp up your networking and kickstart your job search. Graduation might seem far away, but these tips are perfect for those of you eager to get ahead of the game.


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Build Your Every Day Network


In today’s job market, knowing the right people can go a long way during the application process. A 2018 survey from Jobvite found that 35% of professionals secured their job through professional connections. Building a strong network can seem daunting, but connecting with your peers on LinkedIn is an easy way to start. Don’t be shy — from classmates and friends to professors, you never know how these connections may help you down the road.


While you’re building your network, don’t forget about the community at apartments for rent Tulsa — your neighbors might be just what you need to get your resume in the right hands. Also, our staff at 71 Apartments would be more than happy to chat about our backgrounds and share our connections.


Join An Organization


Boost your resume and continue to grow your network by getting involved with professional organizations on and off campus. When looking at on-campus groups, try to find organizations that align with your major, like Professional Public Relations Student Society of America or Model United Nations. Many of these organizations are national, so you could potentially meet peers all over the U.S!


To make connections outside of the university, attend an event hosted by Tulsa Young Professionals. You’ll get the chance to meet all sorts of people in Tulsa and learn more about life after college. Many of these organizations also offer discounts for students, so definitely take a look online for an event near apartments for rent Tulsa.  


Put Yourself Out There


Once you’ve started building your network and joined an organization or two, take it to the next level and set up some informational interviews to learn about career paths that interest you. Even if it ends up not being the industry or the company for you, these meetings can provide great interview experience and extra support from seasoned professionals.


Last but not least: Set up a meeting with Career Services if you get stuck. They can introduce you to new contacts, help you figure out which organizations to join, and even run through a mock interview with you. They also have a lot of other great resources, like job boards and resume tips, that you can take advantage of.


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