Luxury Apartments in Tulsa Talk Tips for Being an Adult

Nobody quite prepares you for the world of adulthood. Whether you’re a recent graduate or you’ve been navigating the adult world for years, you’ve likely come to realize that, contrary to what you believed as a child, adults don’t really know what they’re doing. At least, not entirely. We’re all figuring it out as we go, and for the most part, that turns out to work just fine. That’s especially true when we’re all willing to trade tips, discoveries, and insights that help us bridge the gap. So today, that’s just what we’re doing for residents of our luxury apartments in Tulsa.

These seven tips outline some of the most important considerations adults have to make, often with little formal education on the topic. We hope this brief exploration here will help you identify areas for further learning and discovery as you forge courageously onward in your adult life. Let’s get started!

Create a Budget

Financial matters are an unfortunately large part of adulthood, making it important to set up good habits early. Depending on your spending habits, a strict or detailed budget may not be necessary, but it’s a good idea to at least track your spending and calculate your discretionary income. Know how much you need in order to cover regular charges like rent, insurance, and groceries, and moderate savings contributions, then you can allocate the rest to nice-to-haves like eating out, seeing movies or buying new jewelry.

Save Smart

A savings account of some kind should be part of your financial plan. You may choose to just have a savings account with your bank, and that works fine, but there are more efficient ways to save money, especially when saving towards specific purposes like retirement or a college fund. Consider establishing a special retirement account like a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA. If you don’t open a retirement account, we recommend at least setting up recurring, automatic withdrawals from your checking account into a savings account so that you always have a buffer for emergency expenses down the road.

Check Your Credit Score Regularly

Even if you have good credit, checking your credit score regularly is important to ensure you catch identity theft early and know how to build good credit that will benefit you whenever you apply for credit or undergo a credit inquiry. There are free services that will allow you to check your credit report online at any time and alert you to any unexpected changes. We recommend Credit Karma or a similar site.

Set Up Your Insurance

Don’t skip out on insurance! You never know when you’re going to need it, and getting caught without it can have a devastating impact on your finances. Renter’s, auto, health, and life insurance are important places to start. Not all insurance is necessarily provided through your job, so make sure what’s important to you is getting the protection it needs.

Work On Your Emotional Intelligence

As our lives get busier and busier, attending to our emotions can get surprisingly difficult. But don’t trick yourself into believing that emotions are for kids. Our emotions are a huge part of what defines our experience of life itself and cannot healthily be ignored. Knowing how to manage your emotions requires being able to recognize your emotions, which, surprisingly, is much easier said than done.

Be mindful; ask yourself, “What am I feeling? Why am I feeling that?” and if necessary, “What do I need to feel differently?” Being able to discover the answers to these questions can have a huge impact on your self-efficacy, your communication with others, and your fulfillment. If you can afford it, a licensed counselor can be a great resource to help you build emotional intelligence—and taking care of your mental health is just another part of being an adult that they don’t teach you in school.

Have A Consistent Sleep Routine

Did you know that 11% of American adults report getting insufficient sleep every single night? And 70% of American adults report insufficient sleep at least once a month or more. That means most residents of our luxury apartments in Tulsa could benefit from a more consistent sleep routine. Getting great sleep can become challenging when we’re experiencing the stress of jobs, parenthood, and every other responsibility that comes with adulting. Counteract that with routines that help you wind down and get ready for about 7-9 hours of sleep.

Have a Consistent Exercise Routine

We don’t have to tell you that adult bodies are different from young bodies. That means they need to be taken care of differently, and the exercise or dietary habits you had as a kid may not work very well anymore. Exercise can be particularly easy to neglect since it’s hard to fit it into a busy schedule, but even just a little bit of regular exercise can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. So use our fitness center, swim in our pool, or take a walk around our luxury apartments in Tulsa.

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