Luxury Apartments in Tulsa Share Tips To Reduce The Risk of an Apartment Break-In

We are grateful to be able to foster a safe community for residents of our luxury apartments in Tulsa. But even though our home at 71 Apartments is very safe, we like to share tips with residents about how they can make their homes and belongings as secure as possible. There are simple steps you can take to minimize your risk of an apartment break-in, putting your mind even more at ease while living in our community of apartments in Tulsa. Here’s what we recommend you do to reduce your risk of break-ins and theft.

Keep Doors & Windows Closed & Locked

You’re probably doing this one already because it’s an obvious safety measure, but our list wouldn’t be complete without it. Even when you’re home, we recommend keeping all your doors and windows closed and locked. Getting in this habit means you’re less likely to forget to lock your door at night or after leaving home. 

While you’re at it, keep car doors and windows closed and locked to lower the risk of car break-ins and theft.

Keep Blinds Shuttered As Often As Possible

When you’re not in the room, enjoying the sunshine filtering through your open blinds, it’s a good idea to keep blinds shuttered. This prevents others from having a full view of your valuable items inside your home or knowing when you’re not there. Removing these motivating factors that lead to opportunistic theft can help ensure your home isn’t a tempting target.

Keep A Light On If You Can

Keeping a light on when you’re not at home can prevent others from knowing your apartment is empty and taking the opportunity to enter your home unnoticed. 

Meet Your Neighbors

When living in an apartment community, you may not be close friends with all your neighbors, but knowing who your neighbors are and introducing yourself to them can help deter apartment break-ins and theft. This is because your neighbors are more likely to notice if someone other than you is attempting to enter your apartment. In this instance, they may ask the trespasser for an explanation, or simply make their presence known, which can be enough to deter potential thieves from following through on their plans.

Never Duplicate Keys or Hide Them Outside

Not only is duplicating your apartment key against the terms of your lease, it also makes your home more vulnerable to break-ins. Never duplicate a key and do not hide a spare key outside your apartment (even if you think it’s well-hidden). Under mats, above door jams, and along railings are all places a thief is sure to check if they want to enter your home without drawing attention to themselves.

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