How To Sound-Proof Your Luxury Apartment in Tulsa

Looking for a quiet luxury apartment in Tulsa? You’ll find a peaceful environment at 71 Apartments, with construction that cancels out the everyday noises from you and your neighbors so that you have a complete sense of privacy and tranquility. But for those looking for an even quieter environment that’s great for audio recording or those who want to spare their neighbors from the extra noise of musical instruments, barking dogs, or other disturbances within your own household, these tips can help further enhance the sound-proofing at your Tulsa apartment.

Use Rugs, Curtains, and Other Soft Things

Soft fabrics and upholstery help disperse sound waves traveling through your apartment so that they’re less likely to rebound off of the surfaces in your apartment and eventually make their way to your eardrums (or your neighbors’). Everything from wall tapestries to window curtains to soft furniture like upholstered chairs and couches can help reduce sound resonance, whether it originates from inside your apartment or out.

Isolate Noisy Objects

From speakers and amps to computers with loud fans, the noisy objects in our apartments can easily transfer vibrations through your floor and walls if they’re not isolated. Isolating these objects basically means raising them off the floor (or a table or desk) by mounting them on special podiums or foam pads. This is a great way not only to reduce vibration from the object into the floor and walls (which can make your and your neighbors’ apartments more noisy) but also to improve the sound quality of speakers and amps by reducing the humming sound that can occur when they resonate against the floor, desk, or table where they are sitting.

Seal The Under-door Gaps

At 71 Apartments, your exterior doors are treated with weather-proofing measures, but interior doors often have small gaps beneath them. You can easily reduce noise transfer through these gaps with removable seals that won’t damage your door. Try searching for “draft stopper” online to find an easy-to-install and easy-to-remove seal. These are often made out of foam, which not only reduces drafts but also helps diffuse sound waves.

Buy Foam Soundproofing Panels

If you’re after the most professional-grade soundproofing experience possible, soundproofing panels may be worth your investment. While these panels can cost a pretty penny, they are specifically designed for sound reduction and use specialized foam cut into egg-carton shapes in order to reflect fewer sound waves back into the room and transmit fewer sound waves into the walls.

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