How To Maximize Your Security Deposit Refund from Your New Apartment in Tulsa, OK

We like to see residents of our new apartments in Tulsa, OK stay around for years and years, but when life circumstances lead you to move, we strive to make that transition easy. One of our goals, when residents move out, is to square away the final bill and return your security deposit as quickly as possible. As part of that process, there are cases when getting a vacated apartment ready for a new person to move in requires costly repairs and some charges may need to come out of your security deposit. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to maximize your security deposit refund.

Read Your Lease

There’s a lot to read through in your lease, but reading it carefully is super important. Not only does it list out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, but your lease documents will also act as the final say when it comes to alterations to your unit and what happens after you vacate. Importantly, your lease will let you know what options are available to you when hanging art on walls or whether you are permitted to paint your walls. Make sure you know what is required of you and ask the office if you have any questions!

Use Non-Damaging Mounting Products

In order to avoid damage to walls and appliances, consider using non-damaging mounting options like Command products or magnets. These options don’t leave holes in your drywall and can be just as effective as the damaging alternatives. However, heavy objects should not be mounted through using these options. If mounting a heavy object is unavoidable, talk to the office about your best option.

Clean Regularly, Not Just Before Moving Out

Many residents give their apartments a deep clean before moving out, but when grease, grime, and stains build-up, it can be nearly impossible to remove them with the typical cleaning products available. That’s why cleaning regularly is important to avoid additional cleaning or replacement costs being taken out of your security deposit when you move out. Trust us, it’s way easier than trying to deep clean appliances, showers, and floors later.

Report Maintenance Issues Promptly

Sometimes, even small maintenance issues, if left unaddressed, can eventually turn into costly repairs. That’s why it’s smart to report maintenance issues quickly, even if they don’t seem especially urgent. Timeliness is especially important when it comes to leaks and water damage, fire hazards, and malfunctioning appliances.

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