How To Incorporate Feng Shui in Your Apartment for Rent in Tulsa

Looking to incorporate some good vibes in your apartment for rent in Tulsa? If you’re looking for some guidance on decor decisions and want to explore some ancient practices, feng shui is a popular practice with many modern reinterpretations. Feng Shui is a complex practice with roots in ancient Chinese astrology and philosophy. With evidence of its fundamental principles stretching as far back as 4000 BC, the version of feng shui that you might be familiar with probably differs dramatically from these ancient origins. As feng shui has morphed, diversified, and fluctuated in popularity over the years, many methods of the practice have emerged. The good news is that offers great flexibility for you to incorporate elements of feng shui regardless of where you live, how your home is laid out, or which aspects of the practice resonate with you most. Here are some of the elements that can inform your feng shui practice at our apartments for rent in Tulsa.

Incorporating The Five Elements

In classical feng shui and other ancient Chinese traditions, the five core elements are considered to be Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, and Metal. Each element is associated with different ideas, cardinal directions, seasons, emotions, and more, so there are many possibilities for how you can intentionally incorporate the five elements into your decor as part of a feng shui practice. If you want to incorporate a sense of balance, harmony, and wholeness, a popular option is to create spaces in your home that are devoted to each of the five elements.

Following a Bagua Map

The Spruce has a more in-depth explanation of how you can use bagua maps to add meaning to each section of a room or apartment as a whole. The symbolism used in bagua can also help you decorate with intention, based on what’s important to you about your apartment. For example, if you work from home, you might incorporate wavy shapes in your office area, and if you find family time important, you might add greens, blues, and teals to your living and/or dining area.

Enhancing The Flow of Qi

While bagua and the five elements are also ways to influence the flow of qi through a space, there are more general tips for enhancing the flow of qi in your luxury apartment in Tulsa. One principle that is easy to incorporate is allowing more empty space in your home. Qi needs space to flow. Creating more open spaces and separating your larger pieces of furniture within a room can help facilitate the flow of qi, plus it just makes everything feel less cluttered.

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