How To Incorporate Color Therapy Into Your Luxury Apartment in Tulsa

It’s no secret that different colors can instill different emotional and mental states in those with the ability to see them, and people have been taking advantage of that fact in home decor for many years. Although the science behind this phenomenon is still lagging behind the common perception of this phenomenon, there is early evidence to corroborate what people have been experimenting with for ages, leading to concepts like Color Therapy, which suggests that color can be used strategically to regulate mood as you move through your environment. And there are many ways you can incorporate Color Therapy concepts into your luxury apartment in Tulsa. 

As we discuss these tips, it’s worth keeping in mind that how color influences our mental and emotional state can vary from person to person based on factors like cultural significance, biological factors, and personal experience. We’ll discuss some broadly applicable ideas, but it’s up to the individual to explore what colors make them feel best in each context.

Add Some Blue To Your Home Office

Judging by the number of blue light canceling lenses on the market, most people know by now that blue light influences your circadian rhythm, sending signals to your body that it’s time to be awake. Simultaneously, many associate blue tones with calm and tranquility. These factors combined make blue a great choice for home office decor, or decorations anywhere you want to feel alert while also reducing stress. Consider blue throw pillows, blue artwork, or even blue computer gear like your mouse, keyboard, and speakers.

Add Warm Tones To the Bedroom

On the opposite end of the light spectrum, red light and other warm tones can help your body realize that it’s time to wind down and relax. However, colors like red, orange, and yellow are also sometimes associated with energy, vigor, or even anger. Finding a warm-toned color that avoids these connotations can help you inject relaxing vibes into rooms where rest is a priority, so consider pink bed linens, burnt orange wall art, or even a warm-toned beige or gray for your bedroom furniture. 

Use Energizing Colors in Social Spaces

Many colors can signal “energizing,” so this is down to personal preference. In general, though, lighter and more saturated colors tend to be perceived as the most energizing options. Consider incorporating these hues into your living room and dining room decor through throw pillows, rugs, tablecloths, wall art, and so on. 

Use Greens and Earth Tones For a Natural Vibe

It’s little wonder that greens and browns remind us of nature—specifically the types of nature that we tend to find most rejuvenating and hospitable, like forests, meadows, and gardens. Adding some of that life-giving vibe to your luxury apartment in Tulsa can sometimes be as simple as incorporating some earth tones and rich natural greens to your decor. For bonus points, add these colors in the form of actual plants, which can have additional benefits for your mood and your health.

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