How To Host The Perfect Dinner Party at our New Apartments in Tulsa, OK

A dinner party hosted at our new apartments in Tulsa, OK is a great way to spend an evening. Whether you’re trying to impress new acquaintances or family members, or you just want to bring together a few friends for an evening to talk and have fun, we’ve got a few tried and true tips that will help your party go off without a hitch and ensure everyone has a great time.

Have a friend at our community of apartments for rent in Tulsa who is planning a dinner party soon? Go ahead and pass this post along to them too! Now without further ado, let’s just right into our top five tips for the perfect dinner party.

Invite Your Guests Carefully

No matter how hard you work to make everything perfect, it’s the guests you invite who have the most power to make or break your dinner party. Keep your guests list small and manageable whenever possible. It only takes a few great folks to keep conversation lively and the atmosphere pleasant.

If you’re bringing together people who don’t already know each other, think about who is likely to get along. If you expect someone to be a problem guest, it’s usually okay not to invite them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to invite anyone and everyone in order to have a successful party.

Prepare a Playlist

Your party is likely to include some downtime, where your guests mingle and chat while you continue getting things ready or make the rounds ensuring everyone has what they need. A playlist can go a long way in setting the tone and diffusing any awkwardness that may arise if your guests don’t know each other well yet.

Create a playlist of crowd-pleasers or easy background music that establishes the mood for the evening and have it playing as your guests arrive. You’ll be surprised how well a simple playlist can smooth everything out.

Make Things Tidy

This probably goes without saying but spruce up your apartment a bit. You don’t have to overhaul your decor or spend hours deep-cleaning every corner and crevice, but do spend some time making things tidy and welcoming. Ensure there’s plenty of space to move around without bumping into things and clear off tables and counters as much as possible so folks have space to place their drinks and/or serving plates.

A little decor also goes a long way. A simple, clean tablecloth, a lit candle or two, and cloth napkins instantly make things feel cozy and well-crafted.

Serve Something Reliable

Now is not the time to cook something complicated that you’ve never made before. Even if you’re trying to impress your guests, it’s far better to make something simple but delicious that you’ve got some experience with. Unless you’ve got the world’s snootiest guests, they’re not likely to mind what you make as long as it’s flavorful and well-cooked.

As always, make sure you’re aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions before you start planning your menu. A great dinner party can quickly turn into a disaster if one of your guests has nothing to eat.

Offer Snacks & Drinks

Your evening is mostly about the main course, but we highly recommend offering a few snacks and drinks for guests to enjoy as well before, after, or with dinner. Offering snacks is a great option for a few reasons: In case dinner is later than you intended, or folks arrive hungry, a snack is a great way to make folks comfortable. Something simple will suffice, like seasoned almonds or fresh fruit from your favorite grocery store near our new apartments in Tulsa. As for drinks, if you don’t want to serve alcohol, a nice punch, iced tea, or lemonade is a great option that still feels special.

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