Hidden Gems Near Our Apartments For Rent in Tulsa


Find something new to do here in Tulsa that you maybe wouldn’t have thought of yourself!


The Center of the Universe

This Tulsa hidden gem, while not much to look at, is an acoustical vortex that is sure to entertain adults and children alike. Any sound made when in the circle of the Center of the Universe is amplified within the circle a multitude louder than when it was originally made. However, those standing outside the circle will hear something totally different, or nothing at all, depending on the acoustics. 


Philbrook Museum of Art

Ever been to an Italian Villa? The Philbrook Museum of Art will make you think you have! The beautiful 1920’s mansion was reimagined into a small museum featuring art from all around the world. The landscaping and luxury gardens surrounding the Villa will truly make you believe you are in central Italy, all while enjoying the beauty of the art within. 


The Outsiders House Museum

Stay golden at the home where the 1983 film “The Outsiders” was filmed, right here in Tulsa. The home has been restored and turned into a museum, with memorabilia from the movie. The house can be visited on a bus tour with other famous filming locations within the city. 


Praying Hands

Oral Roberts’ 60 foot tall statue made entirely of 30 tons of pure bronze is located right here in Tulsa for anyone to visit when they please. One hand was made from a casting of Oral Roberts’ actual hand, and the other was a casting from his son Richard’s hand. The enormity and detail of the piece is something that many people come to see, regardless of the affiliation with the school itself. 


Where are you thinking of going first?


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