Great Local Business Near Our Apartments for Rent in Tulsa

From hidden gems to local icons, there are a lot of small businesses to love near our apartments for rent in Tulsa! These are just a few of the local businesses our staff have loved recently. All of these businesses are locally-owned and operated and easily accessible by residents of our community of apartments in Tulsa. Let’s talk about why we love them!

Hey Boba

Hey Boba is a locally owned boba tea store founded by Tulsa grads who wanted to bring the boba experience home rather than having to travel to another city. They offer endless customization and flavor options, making them perhaps the best boba tea shop in Tulsa, if you ask us! They also offer a variety of tasty snacks and appetizers that are worth trying too.

Knight Creek Farms

Knight Creek Farms is a family owned pecan orchard selling pecans in all sorts of varieties–whole, halved, roasted, raw, chocolate-covered, pralined, the list goes on and on! We highly recommend trying their dark chocolate caramel pecan patties and cajun pecans. They also sell pecan oil as well as gift boxes.


With a new location in Springfield opening soon, this Tulsa-native business is booming! This trendy spot combines casual dining with customizable sushi roll options for a delicious experience. This sushi spot is great for those who want their roll customized perfectly to their unique tastes rather than ordering from a long confusing menu.

Haunted Heart Tattoo

If you’re into tattoos, the Haunted Heart Tattoo shop is a great place to work with on your next piece of art. This woman-run, LGBTQ-friendly shop offers a variety of styles, from traditional to photo-realistic portraits and lots more. Check out their Instagram to see their recent work.

Hornbill Oriental Grocery

There are a few great local groceries near us, but a recent fave of ours is Hornbill Oriental Grocery. This mom and pop store is a must-visit for hard-to-find Asian cooking supplies and excellent customer service. Although you have to travel across the river to get there, you can still drive to this great little shop in under 10 minutes.

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