Ergonomic Must-Haves When You Spend Most of Your Time in Your Tulsa Apartment

Do you spend a lot of time at home in your Tulsa apartment? Perhaps you spend the majority of your time these days sitting at the same desk before reclining at the same couch before doing it all over again tomorrow? With the pandemic bringing increased monotony and decreased mobility for a lot of people, now is a great time to talk about how you can make life at your luxury apartment in Tulsa more ergonomic. These are our top products to try if you have chronic back strain, tight muscles, carpal tunnel, or other aches and pains that have arisen in this season of lockdown.

A Good Mattress

You may not think of mattresses when it comes to ergonomics, but the right mattress can make a huge difference when it comes to resting your muscles and healing your body after the repetitive strain you’ve put on it by sitting, typing, and looking at screens all day.

Your sleeping position, weight, and other factors contribute to the equation for your ideal mattress, so making your purchase decision can get complicated quickly. However, several popular mattress brands offer a simple quiz or other resources to help make the decision easier.

A Great Desk Chair

Sitting for long periods of time can actually be really detrimental to your muscle health, leading to neck and back pain and tightness. If you have to sit down for hours at a time, it’s essential to sit in an ergonomic chair. The most ergonomic chair should offer the right balance of softness and support (just like a mattress), extra lumbar and neck support, and an adjustable height so you can position your body correctly for the height of your desk.

A Lumbar Support Pillow

Many computer chairs are lacking in the lumbar area, so if you can’t afford a specialized desk chair with all the bells and whistles, adding a lumbar support pillow to your existing chair is a great option. This also provides added versatility, allowing you to bring your lumbar support pillow with you to the couch, on a plane, in the car, and wherever else your back could use extra support.

A Standing Desk

Even with a great chair with lumbar support, sitting all day can cause chronic muscle tightness and pain. That’s why standing desks are the new craze. While a fancy, motorized, adjustable-height desk is still quite the investment, there are more affordable options available including adjustable height computer stands that sit atop your regular desk.

An External Keyboard & Laptop Stand

If you spend much of your day using a laptop, you could easily end up craning your neck or straining your wrists. While laptops are perfect for portability, they’re not the best ergonomically. When using a laptop at a desk or table, consider using a laptop stand to raise the screen to your natural eye-level. In order to make the most of this setup, you’ll also need an external keyboard that you can pair with your laptop via USB or bluetooth.

Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Supports

Carpal tunnel was becoming more and more common even before the pandemic sent much of the American workforce home to work remotely. If you spend a lot of your day on the computer, it’s important to keep your wrist in a comfortable, level position (not a harsh angle) while typing and using a mouse. Luckily, there’s an endless variety of squishy desk pads that you can affordably buy.

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