Dining Tips from your Apartments for Rent in Tulsa

As a brand new community of apartments for rent in Tulsa, we want to make sure our residents know about the best that this town has to offer. Tulsa has a little bit of everything, including a vibrant arts scene, natural beauty and plenty of great dining experiences.

This week’s blog post from 71 Apartments is about Tulsa’s restaurant scene. In this post, we’ll be talking about four of the finest restaurants that our town has to offer. Whether you’re into fine Italian dining or casual farm-to-table fare, this list is sure to feature a meal you’ll love.

Check out the list of restaurants below, and please be sure to share this post with your new neighbors at 71 Apartments who may also be new to the Tulsa area!

Villa Ravenna

Can we interest you in prosciutto-wrapped pan-seared sea scallops? We thought so. If you’re not into seafood, how about tasting the fettucini alfredo with chicken? Both the classic dishes and the experimental meals are superb at Villa Ravenna — the finest Italian restaurant in Tulsa. This restaurant is owned by an Italian immigrant who insists on authenticity and rich flavors. From the cooked-just-right garlic bread at the beginning of the meal to the tiramisu that you’ll likely order at the end, the entire dining experience at Villa Ravenna is close to perfection.

We’ve heard of people coming from Oklahoma City just to try the Italian cuisine at Villa Ravenna, but it’s just down the road from our community of Tulsa apartments for rent!

Stonehorse Cafe

Falling somewhere on the spectrum between an upscale restaurant and a trendy hotspot, Stonehorse Cafe is Tulsa’s go-to spot for seasonal, health-conscious dining. When we say seasonal, we mean the menu changes with the seasons. That’s a sure sign that a restaurant is paying attention to their food. After all, food availability changes with the season, so a changing menu means you’re getting food that’s made of only the freshest, in-season ingredients.

Stonehorse Cafe sits in the lovely Utica Square, and the interior decorating is extremely tastefully done. You’ll feel an urge to snap pictures of your food and the surrounding decor. Speaking of the food, Yelp reviewers recommend trying the crab cakes, the steak salad and the salmon-avocado dish.

The Tavern

If the phrase, “bacon popcorn” is music to your ears, you’ll want to swing by The Tavern for lunch next time you have a few hours to kill. The atmosphere is fun and festive, and the drinks are some of the best available in Tulsa. According to some Yelp reviewers, The Tavern also has the best burger in town. If you miss lunch, go to The Tavern after 9 pm on a weeknight to enjoy that burger for half-price.


You’re probably familiar with the term, “farm-to-table,” but if not, we’ll provide a quick explanation. Farm-to-table restaurants don’t use big chain delivery services and food sources to get their food in front of their customers. Instead, the food comes from local farms, ranches and the like. Some farm-to-table restaurants throw the term around pretty loosely, but that’s not the case at Tallgrass. From the beer to the dairy to the meat and vegetables, everything comes from local Oklahoma farms. That means the food is fresh, it’s good for you, and it’s good for the local economy. Tallgrass is a win-win-win.

That’s our post for this week, folks! Thanks for reading. We hope your next dining experience is an enjoyable one, and that you’re able to try one of the fine restaurants on this list. If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more like it, remember to check this page again in a few weeks. Also, don’t forget to follow 71 Apartments on social media. That’s the best way to stay up to date with everything happening at the apartments for rent Tulsa residents choose for luxury living.