Best Ice Cream near your Apartments for Rent in Tulsa

Welcome to the third and final blog post for September from your community of apartments for rent in Tulsa. In this week’s post, we’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite way to beat the heat — ice cream. Tulsa has its fair share of awesome ice cream shops, and we’re going to tell residents about four of the finest shops in town. All these shops are among the most highly-rated ice cream shops in Tulsa according to Yelp.


This list is not confined to just ice cream. We’ve got custard, frozen yogurt and cupcakes in this blog as well. No matter what kind of sweet treat you prefer, you’ll find a shop in Tulsa that sells what you’re looking for. Check out the recommendations below, courtesy of 71 Apartments — the apartments for rent Tulsa residents choose for luxury living .


Rose Rock Microcreamery


Did anyone know that “microcreamery” was a thing? We certainly did not, but we’re glad the Rose Rock Microcreamery exists. This is the most highly-rated ice cream shop in Tulsa, and once you step food inside, you’ll immediately see why. The prices are low — just $4 for two big scoops of ice cream. The flavors are unique — try their white pepper and balsamic ice cream, or the honey lavender. Best of all, the employees are super friendly, which is exactly what you want in your hometown ice cream shop.


Andy’s Frozen Custard


Nobody does ice cream flavor names like Andy’s. When you step inside, you’ll have to choose between getting the James Brown Funky Jackhammer or the Jitterbug Concrete. Good luck turning down that first option, because we’ve never been so excited about an ice cream flavor. If you’re into a more refined variety of ice cream, you might want to try the concrete with espresso and almonds. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for caffeine at the same time.  


Freckles Frozen Custard


The cool thing about Freckles is that it has a drive-through! On a hot day, when you don’t want to leave your air-conditioned car, Freckles is the place to go. Everyone on Yelp recommends trying the Razzmatazz, which is vanilla custard sprinkled with raspberry and pieces of cheesecake. Be warned – Freckles is a tiny establishment that has no inside seating. There’s hardly even space inside for the four employees!


Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery


Much like we didn’t know “microcreamery” was a word, we also had no idea that “cupcakery” was an acceptable term. Apparently it is, and apparently Tulsa is the nation’s capitol of oddly named ice cream shops. Smallcakes is actually a chain, but you wouldn’t know it just by visiting the Tulsa location. The best thing about Smallcakes? They don’t make you choose between cupcakes and ice cream. We highly recommend that you try the cupcake infused ice cream.


This is one of the few dessert shops in Tulsa that’s open until 9:00 pm, making it the perfect place to pop into after dinner for a sweet treat. You’ll have a good time, as long as you can somehow choose from of over 200 flavors flavors of cupcakes and 30 flavors of ice cream.


Those are all the recommendations we’ve got for this week, residents! There’s more where these came from, so check this page again in a few weeks to see our next post. We hope you’re able to find a cold treat next time the mercury starts rising in Oklahoma. While you wait for the next blog post, please be sure to follow us on social media. There’s no better way to keep yourself updated and informed about everything happening at your community of Tulsa apartments for rent.