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After you read this week’s blog post from your community of apartments for rent in Tulsa, you’ll be the go-to brunch expert in your group of friends. That kind of power comes with great responsibility, as you’ll now have to be the person to come up with an answer every time someone asks, “where should we go for brunch?”


If you’re ready to wield this kind of power over your friends’ brunch plans, read on. If you’d like to let someone else have the power of choosing where you’ll go for brunch, pass this blog post along to someone else.


In all seriousness, it’s not hard to find a great brunch restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our city is filled with all kinds of brunch places. We’ve got small restaurants that have limited seating but unlimited refills. We’ve also got spacious restaurants that are somehow known for providing customers with some of the fastest service in town. Whether you like your brunch fast and sugary or slow and savory, you can find what you’re looking for at a brunch spot near your Tulsa apartments for rent.




Everyone on Yelp feels it’s necessary to put out a warning that Lucky’s is “not your average brunch spot,” but we think they mean that in a good way. Lucky’s is upscale dining for those who have come to expect a bit more out of their dining experience than fast service and a cheap bill. Here’s an insider tip on Lucky’s; be sure to request the pita bread and hummus at the beginning of your meal. It’s free, but you have to ask for it. Pita bread and hummus might not seem like standard brunch fare, but it’s too good to pass up.


Lucky’s has plenty of traditional brunch options like mushroom omelettes, huevos rancheros and the like, or they have non-traditional brunch options like French dip and chopped salads. Whether you choose to play it safe or try something outside the brunch box, you’re sure to enjoy your experience at Lucky’s.


Smoke on Cherry Street


For terrific breakfast tacos in a lovely atmosphere, head on down to Smoke on Cherry Street.

The tacos themselves are delicious, but what really sets them apart is the red onion ranch sauce. Don’t forget to make a special request for this sauce when you order your tacos. The other defining food for Smoke on Cherry Street is the biscuit, or rather, biscuits. They’re homemade, and they come covered in a homemade gravy as well. Breakfast/brunch food just tastes better when it’s made from scratch, and that’s why Smoke on Cherry Street made our list of top brunch spots.


Bramble Breakfast and Bar


Any restaurant that serves brisket hash is good in our book. Lucky for you, we aren’t the only ones who like Bramble Breakfast and Bar. There are dozens of reviews on Yelp from people who’ve loved their brunch experience at this downtown Tulsa eatery. In addition to the brisket hash, Yelp reviewers recommend the veggie omelette with bacon, the piggies and eggs, and the egg and cheese bread. They options are endless, and the food is superb.




Thanks for checking out this week’s post, residents! We hope you’re able to discover your new go-to brunch spot by checking out the restaurants on this list. Remember to check this page again in a couple weeks if you’re interested in reading more blog posts about the best restaurants in Tulsa. Also, be sure to follow 71 Apartments on social media. There’s no better way to keep yourself informed about all the events happening in and around the community of apartments for rent Tulsa residents prefer.