Apartments for Rent In Tulsa Share Tips For Moving To the Tulsa Area

While some residents of our apartments for rent in Tulsa have lived here for years or even their entire lives, we talk to plenty of new residents who are acclimating to Tulsa for the first time! If you’re new to Tulsa or still planning your move, we have a few tips for how to acclimate to your new home and take advantage of Tulsa’s unique characteristics. Tulsa is a great place to live and these five simple tips can make it even better. Here’s what you should know when you’re preparing for your move to the Tulsa area.

Be Prepared For Weather Changes

A common refrain of Tulsans is “Don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute.” Be prepared for the weather to change throughout the day, sometimes dramatically. In the summers, sudden thunderstorms are common, while colder months can mean you need a coat in the morning but shorts in the afternoon as the sun warms the dry air. Dressing in light layers can help you transition between different temperatures and weather phenomena as you go about your day.

Know How To Find Your Way

Tulsa’s street name conventions can seem confusing at first for newcomers, but they’re actually fairly straightforward, with east-west streets being numbered and north-south streets being alphabetical. Like in many places, odd-numbered addresses are on one side of the street (the north or east, depending on the direction the street runs) while even-number addresses are on the other (the south or west). Knowing these conventions can make it easier to figure out where you’re going and how to get there quickly.

Pack Your Hiking Shoes

With moderate temperatures throughout most of the year, outdoor activities are accessible year-round. Great hiking and biking trails can be found within minutes of our apartments for rent in Tulsa, including the trails at the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area that overlooks the Arkansas River right here in Tulsa.

Don’t Miss The Arts District

Tulsa has a thriving arts scene, so don’t wait to check out the best of the Arts District! For example, we recommend checking out 108 Contemporary, which features art exhibits and programs focusing primarily on contemporary crafts such as tapestries, knits, and fashion.

Try The Public Transportation

While many of our residents have cars of their own, we still recommend trying Tulsa’s public transportation when you can. Tulsa has great public transportation that makes getting around the city easy, especially compared to fighting for public parking in areas of town where parking is scarce or expensive, like Downtown.

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