Apartment Must-Haves for Pet Owners at Our Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

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We love pets here at 71 Apartments! Our apartments for rent in Tulsa are completely pet-friendly, plus we’ve got an on-site dog park for all the good dogs living in our community! If you’re considering bringing a pet to your home at 71 apartments, or you’d like to make sure you have everything you need for a pet you already own, this post is for you! We’re rounding up a few apartment must-haves for pet owners.

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Furniture Protectant

Products like Scotchguard or simple couch covers can help you get more longevity out of those couches, upholstered chairs, rugs, and other furniture that helps make your apartment uniquely yours. Sprays or covers help repel water and stains, so pet accidents aren’t the end of the world. This is especially helpful for puppies that are still being house-trained or cats with a habit of marking their territory.

Pet Bed

Your pet deserves a place to lay their head and get cozy! Especially if you don’t want your pets getting up on furniture or sleeping in bed with you, getting them a soft, warm bed to call their own is a must. We recommend one that’s machine washable so that keeping it clean is as simple as running it through your in-unit washer and dryer.

Pet Gate

A pet gate might be worth investing in for a few reasons. First, it’s a great way to introduce dogs and kittens to one part of your apartment at a time without having to keep them behind a closed door. It also provides an option for separating visiting pets from your own pets and gives your pets a safe place to retreat to if they’re not into the visiting pet (or person). It’s also a nice consideration if you have someone coming over who’s allergic to your pet, or may feel afraid or overwhelmed by them.

Chewing Spray

If your pet has a habit of chewing on cords, shoes, or other parts of your apartment, a chewing spray may help. These non-toxic products deter your troublesome chewer by coating the surface of the item you don’t want to be chewed with a bitter, unpleasant taste. A popular version of this is Grannick’s Bitter Apple spray.

Cat Tree for Cats, Cozy Crate for Dogs

Cats love having someplace high to perch, so make sure they have an approved place to climb. A cat tree works perfectly for this purpose, and many cat trees come with built-in scratching posts, toys, and other features to keep your kitty occupied. If a cat tree is too big an investment when it comes to money or floor space, a window-mounted perch can also provide a nice high spot for your cat to call their own and catch some cozy sun rays.

At first glance, crates can seem like a prison, but with a soft bed, water bowl, and favorite toy inside, a crate can actually be a place of safety and comfort for dogs to retreat to. Plus, having a crate can provide peace of mind for owners of dogs who like to get into things or need supervision for other reasons. Having a crate means you can trust that your apartment will be just as you left it when you can’t keep an eye on your pet.

We hope we’ve inspired you to bring a furry friend home to our luxury apartments in Tulsa if you haven’t already! We love meeting our community’s pets and we’re passionate about providing a home that’s comfy for humans and animals alike! If you’d like to see any tips and recommendations from us in the future, make sure you bookmark our blog page for easy access to upcoming posts. Finally, if you don’t want to miss out on special promotions, community updates, and events follow us on Instagram!