5 Must-Haves to Take Your Home Office to the Next Level at our Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

Are you working from home at your luxury apartment in Tulsa? Many of our residents are still working remotely during the pandemic, while some already worked from home for other reasons. Regardless of your career, having the ideal home office right now may not be easy. Home has become the center of everything, and it can feel hard to carve out a space that’s strictly devoted to work. But these helpful tips can give you a great space to focus, get comfy, and be productive.

A Place to Shift Your Perspective
Working in the same spot all day long can put us in a haze and drain us of energy. Having a place you can go to change things up, even if it’s just a comfy chair on the other side of the room or a yoga mat in the corner that you can roll out for some midday stretches can make all the difference. We encourage you to use this spot to take a break, but even if you have to work nonstop, taking your laptop to a new location in the room or another room of your Tulsa apartment can reenergize you and literally shift your perspective on a challenging task.

Aromatherapy Options
Smell has a massive impact on our moods, so surrounding yourself with scents that help you feel focused and uplifted can really help your workday. There are lots of aromatherapy options that can easily sit on your desk or a table nearby like incense, essential oil diffusers, or sage and palo santo sticks if that’s what you’re into.

A Pair of Bluetooth Headphones
When you need to use headphones for work, corded headphones can sometimes be a nuisance. While many over-ear headphones have great sound quality and added comfort, a pair of reliable bluetooth headphones will free you up from cords, allowing you to be more mobile during your workday and making your desk setup feel that much less cluttered. You don’t have to find an expensive set either; there are many affordable options that work just as well.

An Ergonomic Computer Chair
Working from home often means spending hours in the same chair, so it should be a comfortable one! Computer chairs with poor support can lead to back and pelvic strain resulting in sore muscles, pain, or joint issues.

A Better Webcam & Microphone
We all know the trials and tribulations of a bad video call experience. Buying a higher quality webcam and microphone can eliminate the stress and miscommunication caused by poor sound or video quality. High quality external webcams can be very affordable; finding one between $40 and $75 should suit you just fine. High quality external microphones can run a little more expensive, usually between $75 and $150. We highly recommend a Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball for affordable and reliable options.

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