4 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do At Home In Our Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

Looking for your next DIY project? Whether you’re a DIY pro or a total novice eager to get started, we’ve got a few easy projects that can be accomplished right at home in our luxury apartments in Tulsa. These projects are so simple you can finish them in a single day or weekend, leaving you ready to enjoy your awesome new addition to your home at our apartments for rent in Tulsa.

DIY Planters

Got dreams of being a green thumb too? Why not add some flare to your planters without paying a lot of money for a stylish pot? There are lots of ways to create your own planters, whether you paint your own design over a simple terracotta pot, apply some metallic copper paint to a coffee tin for a gorgeous two-toned option, or upcycle a simple wooden crate into a spot for your herb garden. Just ensure that your planter is well-suited for the plant that will inhabit it by adding drainage holes if needed.

DIY Shoe Organizer

There are a variety of ways to build your own shoe organizer from wooden crates, PVC pipe, or even used oat or coffee tins. All you need is some hot glue, wood glue, double-sided tape, maybe a hand saw depending on your method, and you can create a simple shoe organizer in no time.

DIY Cat Scratch Post

It couldn’t be easier to make your own cat scratching post or incline so that your beloved pet doesn’t resort to scratching your furniture or doors! Simply get some heavy-duty braided rope and wrap it tightly around a wooden board, pole, traffic cone, or PVC pipe, stapling in place carefully at intervals with a staple gun (or by hammering a staple into place). Then mount your creation on a stable platform and voila! Your pet has its very own scratcher made with love for almost nothing.

DIY Coat Rack

It’s actually pretty simple to create your own coat rack. Just get a few rods (think 3-4) and arrange them so they’re resting together towards one end like the legs of a tripod. Secure near the top with a rope or other fastener, leaving some room at the top for the rods to diverge from one another and provide room for individuals hats, scarves, coats, or whatever else you want to hang from them.

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