3 Essential Travel Tips from Your Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

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We know our luxury apartments in Tulsa are so cozy and convenient that you might never want to leave—and we certainly wouldn’t blame you! Still, for those bitten by the travel bug and ready to get out there and stretch their legs, we’ve got some tips for you! Whether you’re taking a quick road trip, flying halfway across the world, or something in between, travel can be daunting, complicated, and expensive. With a few easy tips like these, though, it doesn’t have to be.

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Take Advantage of Travel Rewards 

There are a number of ways to maximize your trip and get some deals. If you’re planning an international vacation, then it might be worth your while to look into opening up a travel-specific credit card. Many of these cards are not limited to a specific airline or hotel company and come with a signing bonus of points and no foreign transaction fees. If you play your cards right, you may be able to redeem points to pay for a chunk of your trip! 

If you’re looking to stay at a hotel instead of renting a home, consider signing up for their rewards program. You’ll get on their lists for special deals and offers and can work your way toward a free night! Many hotels are part of the same chain, so it’s easier than it sounds to build up points. Also, always remember to ask for a AAA discount if you’re a cardholder! 

Pack Smart 

Pack light whenever possible. When flying, if you can stuff all you need into a carry-on, you’ll save money and avoid the risk of luggage getting lost on the way to your destination. Bring clothes that all match each other and can be worn multiple times without being washed (but bring extra socks and underwear). Reduce non-essentials like accessories and styling products to the bare minimum. Bring two pairs of shoe max, and make sure one pair is good for walking.

To keep all of your items organized and compact, we recommend using packing cubes. You can order these off Amazon in a variety of colors and sizes. These bags will keep your suitcase from becoming cluttered and exploding with clothes. You can also compress large clothing items by folding them and putting them inside a ziplock bag, then press out all the air as though you were vacuum-sealing it. This approach is particularly helpful when you’re traveling to a cold place and you need to pack sweaters or a puffy winter coat.

Investing in travel toiletry bottles is another way to pack better. Not only are you saving the environment with reusable bottles, but it will also ensure you won’t get stopped by TSA for going over the limit with your liquids. Remember, a little can go a long way!

Consider Traveling During an Off-Season

Most destinations have an off-season, and in many cases, the destination is just as enjoyable if not more enjoyable during the off-season! Flights are often cheaper, as are tickets for local attractions. Streets, points of interest, restaurants, markets, and just about everything is also less crowded, making it easier to get around and fully enjoy all the things you came to see.

Places also have an off-season for a reason, however, so check to make sure you understand what traveling to a specific location during its off-season entails. You might learn that it rains nearly every day during the off-season, for example, or that many major attractions are closed during that time.

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