2019’s Top Travel Apps For Residents of Our Luxury Apartments in Tulsa

With the new year on the horizon, many residents of our luxury apartments in Tulsa are making plans and new year’s resolutions. If either of those includes traveling for you, then you’re in luck. Whether you’re traveling for work or just taking some time to explore new places, there are a few excellent travel apps we recommend to make your travels easy and safe! There’s something here for every step of the travel process, from packing to booking a hotel to navigating through a new city.


Packing is perhaps the worst part of traveling, which is why we love this PackPoint app. All you have to do is tell the app where you’re going and how long you’ll be there. Once you’ve done that, PackPoint will tell you what you should pack! If you want a more detailed list, you can also tell the app what kind of activities you’ll be doing while on your trip. Perfect for chronic over- or under-packers.


Most people use Google Maps to get from point A to point B while traveling. Google Maps is fine, but it’s not going to give you any insights into the cool new city you’re exploring. For a more detailed map experience, check out CityMapper. You can use this app to get directions that will take you past cool landmarks and attractions in whatever city you’re in. You’ll also gain a better sense of your public transportation and rideshare options with this app than if you just used Google Maps to get around. The app can also send you alerts when you need to get off the bus or train, which is helpful when you’re new to the city you’re traveling in.


You can save a lot of money by being willing to make plans last minute. If you’re up for it, try booking your nightly lodging using HotelTonight. This app allows you to book hotels last minute and save a ton of money by doing so. The only scary part about this app is that you won’t know ahead of time where you’ll be sleeping. On the other hand, it’s an excellent solution for folks whose travel plans have changed unexpectedly due to a delayed flight or an Airbnb falling through. Whether you’re the adventurous type willing to book hotels at the last minute, or you’re just looking for a plan B in a pinch, HotelTonight is a great app to have in your back pocket.

That’s it for our top travel apps; we hope we’ve helped pave the way for an amazing trip! We’ll have a new post coming soon, so be sure to bookmark our blog page if you’d like to see more recommendations and tips for Tulsa living. Also, did you know we have an Instagram? Follow us there, so you never miss out on our special events, promotions, and community updates! Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, and have a wonderful rest of your day at 71 Apartments!